Samsung Galaxy Grand On, Specifications Screen HD 720p


One more line of the latest smartphone from Samsung is prepared to fill the middle-market, is the series “Samsung Galaxy Grand On”. This Smartphone has been prepared by bringing the hardware specification is quite high, but not as good as Galaxy J7. Because the price of this smartphone will be much cheaper, so it is natural that the specifications are much lower. However Samsung did not hesitate to equip it with a high-resolution screen, so as to spoil the Galaxy Grand On to enjoy a variety of multimedia content with the best graphics quality.

The success of Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime as selfie smartphone cheap, is likely to continue in this series. Because both are equally equipped with a 5 Megapixel front camera that ensures every selfie snapped pictures look sharper and more natural color. Unfortunately advantages Galaxy Grand On the part of the camera, not offset by advantages in the hardware sector, because this phone has not adopted a 64 Bit processor, but still wearing 32 Bit processor. Well for my friend who was curious full specifications of Samsung Galaxy Grand On, let us refer to the following reviews.

Specifications and Price Samsung Galaxy Grand On
Specifications and Price Samsung Galaxy Grand On
Specifications and Price Samsung Galaxy Grand On
Continuing brief review above, the Samsung Galaxy Grand On count on 5.1 inch wide screen to display any multimedia content that is playing its users. Interestingly, the screen has been put on IPS panel which has a wider viewing angle and optimized by a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels HD to be able to display any visual content with quality graphics and sharp jernin. Unfortunately the screen has a density of 280 ppi, there has been coated with a protective anti-scratch, so my friend had to banisters wear screen guard or tempered glass.


Spesifikasi dan Harga Samsung Galaxy Grand On



The plastic material is still a mainstay in the bandaged body Samsung smartphone Galaxy Grand Series. However, the display curved owned On Galaxy Grand will not look cheap, because it has a thin body shape and light weight. Where to have a ratio of dimensions measuring 142 x 71.9 x 8.5 mm, and a thickness of 8.5 mm. As for boobotya weighs about 140 grams, so my friend will not have trouble when operating the 5.1 inch screen smartphone. In addition, Samsung also provides 3 physical Tombo on the front side, and the speaker holes on the back side.

Seeing the look of the front and rear design of the Samsung Galaxy Grand On apparently looks exactly the same as the Galaxy Grand Prime, so to say this smartphone is an upgraded version of Galaxy Grand Prime. Which has brought a higher-resolution screen and a 1-inch larger. As a comparison, the Galaxy Grand Prime has a screen size of 5 inches with qHD resolution (540 x 960 pixels), which has a screen kepatan 220 pixels per inch. Although it proved to have a better screen quality, but unfortunately this has not been put on smartphone processor 64 Bit-tech.

Processor brought by him wearing 32 Bit computing at the speed of 1.3 GHz Quad Core Cortex-A7. The chipset was wearing a Samsung Exynos chipset 3475. Fortunately, this smartphone has been put on Lollipop 5.1 Android operating system, so as to improve the performance of the processor 32 Bit carries. Then for memory processing sector, there Ram memory of 1GB which powered internal memory size of 8 GB. No lag, also prepared as a microSD slot for external memory Galaxy Grand On. before please! : harga hp oppo

Price Samsung Z3 and Specifications


Samsung officially released the latest smartphone which they named Samsung Z3. This smartphone does not make the Samsung Galaxy family, because it has not been put on the Android operating system, but the operating system Tizen OS, v2.3, which notabennya an operating system made by Samsung as an alternative to Android. Although it sounds familiar in Indonesia, but the Tizen OS used Samsung Z1 proven success when it was released in India because it is priced at a bargain price, and features no less complete than the Android operating system.

The presence of Samsung Z3 is ready to continue the success in the smartphone market Samsung Z1 Bolywood country. But this time, there has been no word on whether Samsung will also release a smartphone in Indonesia. In addition, the Samsung phone also brings hardware specification is quite high, there already was a mix of Quad Core processor and 1GB Ram as Dapu redone. Interestingly on the screen sector, has adopted the Super Amoled panel is ready to offer a clear and crisp image quality on the display panel of 5 inches and has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels HD.

Samsung Z3
Samsung Z3
Samsung Galaxy Z3 screen density reaches ~ 294 pixels per inch, or can be on par with the Samsung screen Galaxy J3. Unfortunately the screen is brought not include anti-scratch screen protection, screen guard so required plus or tempered glass. Then to its dimensions, has a length of 141.6 mm, width 70 mm, and a thickness of 7.9 mm. Yups is quite thin and has proven light weight weighing 137 grams, so it will feel more comfortable when running buddy takes one hand or two hands.



Review Smartphone Samsung Z3


Interestingly, Samsung’s smartphone Z3 belekang part in a design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, it’s just still wearing a plastic material. Although still using standard material and seem cheap, but the outside appearance of this smartphone looks elegant and premium impressed. As my friend see in the picture above Samsung gives back cover with curved sides, in order to provide a comfortable grip when held. In addition there are also LED lights flash, speaker, and a powerful 8 megapixel camera.

Shifted to the front, we will see a 5-inch screen with HD resolution, and a powerful 2 megapixel camera for photos and video calls selfie. No lag, three physical buttons such as home, back, and recent app, has been prepared as a navigation menu to operate this smartphone. Next, let us turn gets the kitchen runway. In this sector, there are already Quad Core 1.3 Ghz processor with Spreadtrum SC7730 chipset which has a 32 bit architecture, and is integrated in Mali 400 graphics processing mp2.

Review Smartphone Samsung Z3
Review Smartphone Samsung Z3
To optimize the performance of the operating system Tizen to be faster and more responsive performance mulitasing, do not forget Samsung pinning memory 1GB Ram, and 8GB of internal memory supported can we expand reach 128GB. Now that the hardware specifications of the Tizen OS-based smartphones. Our Menuarut, classified as standard specifications, so it would be outrageous if the price of Samsung Z3 priced expensive, exceeding the class Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or Galaxy J5 J2.Are you want to go out, come to : harga hp samsung

Mentawai, Seed Minister


October 2015, the President Joko Widodo canceled come to Bulasat Village, District of South Pagai, Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, because the thick smoke blocked forest fires.

In fact, the villagers have provided latrines or toilets specifically for the arrival of the President.

At that time, Jokowi is scheduled to see the result of the relocation of the islanders affected by the earthquake and tsunami on October 25, 2010.

When another visit to the West Sumatra (Sumatra), in early April 2016, the President also did not get stopped again in the Mentawai Islands.

In the Presidential Elections (Election) 2014, candidates for president and vice president Jokowi-JK defeated in the province of West Sumatra.

Only in Mentawai Jokowi-JK won (gained 31 440 votes).

Meanwhile, presidential candidate-vice presidential candidate Prabowo-Hatta Rajasa only get 9,071 voice.




On 28 April 2016, the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture invites Puan Maharani Social Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa (51) and Health Minister Nila Djuwita F Moeloek (67) comes to the village Bulasat, Mentawai.

The trip to the village of Padang Bulasat pursued for almost one and a half hour by helicopter.

Jakarta-Padang trip to par with the aircraft took 1 hour 23 minutes.

The third woman minister was also accompanied by Judas Mentawai Islands Regent Sabaggalet, Head of the National Disaster Management Agency Willem Rampangile, Head of the National Population and Family Planning Surya Chandra Surapaty, West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno, and members of the House of Representatives Commission IX, Alex Indra Lukman.

Under the rain, Puan said, this island is very beautiful, deserves to be one of the destinations.

“However, when the foot, which is presented to me is not about the advantages of the region, as there are bananas good, but rather a variety of issues that must be addressed. For example, regarding the education of human resources. In addition, in the place I am standing on the highway Trans -Mentawai can not be paved because there are still problems with HPH (forest concession rights), “said Puan.

When meeting with elementary school students, Puan not just shake hands, but also holds their body.

He wanted to know if their bodies healthy, “Do not let them malnourished, just bones, hair red and his eyes glowing,” he said.

Puan hope Mentawai become one of the nursery leaders.

“Who knows the next 20 years there are ministers or governors from here,” said Puan again.

Three days in West Sumatra, Puan come to various places, including dining in a small number of stalls and markets.

“It turned out that Mrs. Puan understated, yes, and his presence became public relations tour of West Sumatra,” said Vice Governor of West Sumatra Nasrul Abit, in his speech at a traditional market. (J OSDAR)


Print version of this article was published in Kompas edition of May 3, 2016, on page 2 under the title “Mentawai, Seed Minister”.

Axon Mini ZTE Price and Specifications Review


ZTE released the latest smartphone from ZTE lines Axon, which this time has a smaller screen size but still has high hardware specs, the ZTE series Axon Mini. Screen size is more obscure little compared Axon Elite, Pro and Lux. Which for this series ZTE complete with Full HD screen measuring 5.2 inches. In addition, the hardware spesfiikasi also lowered so that the selling price of this smartphone can be less expensive than its predecessor which rely on Qualcomm chipset Snapdargon 810.

Well for the series Axon Mini, apparently ZTE prefers to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 paired with processor Octa Core speed (Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 and quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53), so the automatic performance is still below the ZTE Axon Lux or ZTE Axon wearing Elite Octa Core 2.0 GHz processor. Even so, pal hariangadget still spoiled with fast mulitasking performance and quality three-dimensional graphics are good, because there is a 3GB Ram memory and Adreno 405 graphics processing supported.



Harga ZTE Axon Mini Terbaru


Specifications ZTE Axon Mini
Specifications ZTE Axon Mini
Specifications ZTE Axon Mini above, more complete with the presence of internal memory size of 32GB which can be expanded via microSD memory slot can house a maximum of 128GB. Then for the operating system, relying on Android OS 5.1.1 Lollipop with 3.2 MiFavor display interface. The combination of the hardware and software components, ready to spoil pal to enjoy any multimedia content and games, the screen size of 5.1 inches which has been fitted thereon Super Amoled Display panel and display technology 2.5D.

The screen quality is presented Axon Mini ZTE smartphone will not mengewakan, because it has a super AMOLED screen with a display density reaches -424 pixels per inch, and is supported technologically 2.5D curved screen which makes the edges of the screen thinner and looks more premium. Not until there are sophisticated screen measuring 5.2 inches, because there are still Scratch resistant coating or a scratch-resistant coating that protects the outer side of the smartphone’s screen. And what about the material he uses?, Is comparable to the price of ZTE Axon Mini?

Premium materials made from aircraft-grade aluminum-titanium alloy has diperesiapkan to wrap the body ZTE Axon Mini. Interestingly, the material is apparently a message body material maker Boeing 787, so my friend goes without doubt the quality and durability. Not until there are, the smartphone is also designed with a thin body thickness of 7.9 mm and has a light body weighing 140 grams, so it will feel more comfortable when my friend everyday wear. Then on the back, has been embedded fingerprint sensor and a swathe of the overlying skin texture.

Sensor fingerprint authentication security is one of the best at this time. However it looks like ZTE is not satisfied just rely on the technology. Therefore, ZTE Axon Mini is also equipped with a security system in the form of eye Eye scanner or scanner, along with perintan sound. Third, it makes the security system ZTE smartphone Axon Mini as the safest in the world, because this smartphone will not be opened by any people, if all these features we switch to lock the screen or application that we install.

Price ZTE Axon Mini is priced the lowest starting price of 4 Million, still make it have a high quality camera. Where at the front, has provided a special camera to take pictures selfie, with 8 Megapixel resolution. Then on the back, there’s been a mix of 2 cameras each of which is equipped with a lens 13 Megapixel and 2 Megapixel. No lag, phase detection autofocus technology which is able to lock the focus objects within 0.1 seconds is also on the rear camera ZTE Axon Mini.

In addition, there are also Dual LED Flash and Aperture F / 2.2 to enhance photo quality resolution of 4128 x 3096 pixels and video Full HD 1080p @ 30fps. It is unfortunate, this smartphone can not UltraHD 4K resolution video recording. But it did not matter as long as the price of ZTE Axon Mini priced at more affordable than Axon Elite, Pro and Lux. Then to the front of the camera, it also has an aperture of F / 2.0 and both can be used to record video resolution Ful HD 1080p @ 30fps.  Are you want to go out, come to : harga hp 2016

2 Kia Products Win Awards 2016 Red Dot Awards


Kia Motors strengthens its reputation for vehicle design matters as evidenced by again won two awards at the 2016 Red Dot Awards for Product Design category. This is one of the international product design competitions most prestigious.

New Kia Sportage compact SUV and Optima sedan was awarded the Red Dots. The panel of independent judges even gave Kia Optima Best of The Best. The highest award in this competition, given to the most innovative designs in the specified category.

The latest generation of the Kia Optima is a best seller in Europe. While Kia Sportage, recently launched globally earlier this year. Since 2009, the Kia design team won a total of 15 Red Dot Awards. Now in 2016, every new Kia model lineup have earned the Red Dot.



mobilwow - 2 Produk Kia Raih Penghargaan di Red Dot Awards 2016


Peter Schreyer, President and Chief Designer Kia Motors Corporation and Hyundai Motor Group said, “Our international design team is very proud of this award. It is a special achievement for developing the previous design, the models that have won the award, where the latest designs can convince the jury of global design competition is prestigious and respected. ”

New Kia Optima International developed the design team in Namyang (Korea), Irvine (California, USA), and Frankfurt (Germany) under the creative direction of Peter Schreyer, who is also responsible for the design of the previous generation Kia Optima.

mobilwow – 2 Kia Products Win Awards 2016 Red Dot Awards

The new design was developed under the leadership Sportage Kia Design Center Europe in Frankfurt with the support of Kia Namyang Design Center and Irvine.

‘Red Dot Design Award’, one of the world’s most prestigious design competitions are divided into three disciplines: Product Design, Communication Design and Design Concepts.

At the Red Dot Award 2016, companies from 57 countries enrolled 5,214 products and innovations. The competition, held since 1955 by the Design Centre of North Rhine, Westphalia, emphasized the importance of high-caliber jury impartiality.

To avoid any bias, no member of the jury to be an employee of the manufacturing industry.

This year, the jury ‘Red Dot’ more than in previous years, the 41 experts from around the world (designers loose, professor of design and business reporter, including Chris Bangle, Jimmy Choo, Professor Lutz Fügener, Hideshi Hamaguchi, Kristina Lassus, Raj Nandan, and Ken Okuyama.

All jurors traveled to Essen, Germany, and rate the products according to criteria such as degree of innovation, formal quality, functionality, and high compatibility.

The official presentation of the Red Dot Awards will take place on July 4, 2016 at the Aalto Theatre, Essen, Germany. So, I suggest you to going on :  interior car

Shares of Mine and Dropped Bank, European Stocks Decline Lowest In Three Weeks


European shares fell the lowest in three weeks of trading on Tuesday (03/05/2016) local time on Wednesday (05/04/2016) early morning (GMT).

Jebloknya Commerzbank shares pushed the index’s decline after the bank’s overall income declined, while mining stocks also fell as the drop in metal prices.

German bank Commerzbank shares fell 9.6 percent after posting a sharp decline in profits by 52 percent in the first quarter of 2016, due to the volatility of capital markets and low interest rates.

“The numbers that came out in the first quarter was not good … However, external faktir also hit other banks and the reason for the decline,” said analyst Ingo Fromenn of Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg, through the records.

Traders said media reports about Commerzbank are doing far scheme of tax payable by way of violating tax regulations (illegal) or tax evasion, also push down the bank’s shares.

Meanwhile, the bank dispute this, saying all systems are made in order to comply with the laws of Germany.

HSBC, Europe’s Biggest bank, recorded a growth of profits above analysts’ estimates, although still down compared to last year. This positive exposure did not help to raise its stake and ended up with a 1.6 percent drop.




STOXX European banking index as a whole fell 3.7 percent and basic resources index fell 6.4 percent. The main industrial metal prices fell after the release of a survey on Tuesday showed factory production activity in China fell to 14 consecutive months through April.

“I would be cautious on the mining sector because if global growth disappoints, then the commodity prices also disappointing,” said Gerhard Schwarz, head of equity strategy at Baader Bank in Munich.

“The dollar softened and there was some concern that the currency is no longer a ballast company. The results of this season are not bad all so far, but I doubt the performance outlook will improve as expected. The impact of price strength also remains weak,” he said.

German chip maker Infineon was also down 4.7 percent after it lowered revenue and profit targets at the end of the year, as a result of currency movements.

According to data from StarMine, 44 percent of European companies already listed kienrjanya in the first quarter, of which 61 percent were at or above the market expectations. However, estimates of the performance of the first quarter fell 18 percent compared to the same period in 2015.

The FTSEurofirst 300 index fell 1.7 per cent, at 1318.0, its lowest since April 12, 2016.

Food that Improve Memory and Concentration

What we eat and drink has a direct relationship with the mood and eventually all aspects of human health. As evidenced by ongoing research, the quality of the food we eat plays an important role for the condition of our memory and concentration.

makanan peningkat daya ingat dan konsentrasi

The brain consists of about 100 billion cells (neurons) that control all functions of the main body, including our memory. Like the cells in our body, the brain needs sufficient amount of vitamins to ensure a smooth and continuous power supply.

Brain cells did show a very high energy needs, which represent 20% of our basic metabolism. What is the role of food in the health of our memories and what foods can improve memory and concentration levels we?

Eat a balanced diet more often

The main fuels for the brain is glucose, which is supplied by the blood. The brain requires glucose throughout the day and if the shortage will cause the brain to change his priorities on meeting the fuel so that it will interfere with the smooth functioning of the brain. So the role of diet in maintaining stable blood glucose levels is very important and this can be achieved by eating a balanced diet with more frequent, foods rich in carbohydrates.

Examples of foods are good memory includes: bread, biscuits, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruits, juices and vegetables. Sugar when consumed in moderation also helps to improve memory, due to supply the brain with glucose.

In addition to lunch and dinner, which are the two main meals for energy, which is not less important is the breakfast and snacks in between main meals earlier. It should not be omitted because they continued supply of glucose to the brain.

Breakfast includes our initial energy needs, and recent studies show that it also contributes to good mental performance. In particular, studies conducted in children and adolescents showed that children who eat breakfast regularly have an increased memory and better performance in school.

In adults, regular consumption of food between meals (snacks) associated with an increased concentration, better memory and performance.

Beware of a strict diet

Recent research analyzing the negative impact of the strict diet on health and revealed that one of the main symptoms that occur are severe neurological disorders such as memory loss, lack of concentration, weakness, bad mood (bad mood), etc.

When we become unbalanced diet (a diet that does not include a variety of foods in the right proportion and number), our bodies do not get the vitamins and glucose which is needed to improve memory. So you have one more reason to avoid diets that promise quick results, but ultimately harmful to your own.

Proper hydration

Good hydration is something that is often overlooked. Every day we need to replace fluids lost through the consumption of a variety of drinks and food. Besides water, the body’s hydration can be achieved through a number of liquids, such as coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks, fruits and vegetables.

Do not forget that the water content in fruits and vegetables is equal to 70-80% of its weight. The importance of proper hydration is also proven by research that shows that only 3% dehydration (ie less than 250 ml) leads to a lack of concentration, weak memory and reduced performance. (See also: The Importance of Drinking Water For Healthy Body)


Vitamin B (particularly B6, B12 and folic acid) to contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system, facilitating the transfer of nerve impulses. Foods rich in this vitamin are dairy products, nuts, seeds, and leafy green vegetables.

In addition, the antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin E and C, can improve memory by slowing the aging brain cells. Foods rich in vitamin E are olive oil and seed. Important sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, kiwi, blackberries and strawberries.

fatty fish

Red meat and other food products derived from red meats (eg sausages) are foods rich in saturated fats. These foods besides causing cardiovascular problems, it will also reduce the performance capacity of the brain.

Conversely, you can eat fish, preferably fatty fish (salmon, trout, and tuna) which is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 has been proven by research can improve memory and protect brain cells from damage.

Controlling levels of iron

Iron is one of the most important nutrients for the body. Low levels of iron, especially when it reaches the point of being referred to as anemia, will affect our cognitive function, memory and ability to concentrate.

Pay special attention to vegetarians, who must follow the diet carefully designed to meet their needs for iron.


Research has shown that eating chocolate will increase the production of endorphins, which are substances that bring a better mood and stimulates memory. Chocolate also contains moderate amounts of caffeine scale, which will stimulate and improve our mood. But beware, because chocolate has enough calories and when consumed in large quantities can cause weight gain. A little piece of rich chocolate and cocoa is the ideal solution healthy. So, I suggest you to going on

Potato croquettes recipe Tasty And How To Make

How to Make Potato croquettes Crunchy Delicious Recipes That Are Easy And Practical. Still confused looking for ideas to make a tasty and healthy snack for the family? Let us at all times to make a special dish from the Dutch state called croquet. Yes, this cake recipe potato croquettes enter our country when the Dutch colonial several hundred years ago and has now become the favorite foods of our society. In antiquity, who can enjoy the food and the spring rolls resemble the physical form risoles are certain people. But this time croquette recipe made with potatoes kegemaraan is already a lot of people, especially children who like the texture of the crunchy outside but soft on the inside. Moreover, how to make a potato croquette is also quite easy and simple. Material contents can be tailored to our respective preferences, such as the content of the meat, noodles, corned beef, chicken or vegetable rogout.

resep kroket kentang

Although this seems a potato croquette recipe is already old school and less popular than the modern snack recipes, but if the problem flavors and delights no less delicious, you know. This is evidenced by still many sellers of these easy cake croquette encountered in the mall mall or market impromptu. Even in some of the events important events such as a meeting or social gathering business meeting or noodles meat croquette croquette into one cake snacks served.

Although it looks very similar at all, but there are some major differences between a potato croquette with Lumpai or risol. The main thing is the skin. Unlike risoles (read the recipe and how to make it here) or spring rolls which uses the thin outer skin and fried before, this potato croquette recipe using potatoes fried dough with the filling.

For best results, tender and tasty, lots of restaurant or sellers who use a potato croquette from abroad. But we can also use potatoes from the local, as long as the quality is good and still new .. Additionally select potato exterior smooth and does not decay so that later it tastes good and no bitter taste in the cake croquette that we make. One of the tips how to make potato croquettes so that results are satisfactory when forming adonanannya. Press the dough gently and forms that shape it will pretty. Croquette potatoes to make her skin could be boiled before mashed or fried. When boiled, the water content is usually still quite a lot even though they had drained. Croquette recipe for it in that we will make this time we will fry them first before smoothed.

Besides flour bread or breadcrumbs used to be really smooth. Next tip really keep hands dry so sticking with the bread flour evenly and cover all the outer part of his croquette recipe perfectly. Set fire was small so as not to burn and use quite a lot of oil so that the level of maturity evenly. For more details, please see the ingredients of what is needed to make a special cake recipe potato croquettes and how easily made below.

potato croquette recipe
Crispy potato croquettes recipe
Ingredients Stuffing Recipe Chicken Potato croquettes and Deals
Chicken eggs were a great size as much as 1 point. Break and shake loose for dyes.
Panir flour or bread flour taste for Melapi kroketnya skin. Panir flour should be really smooth and soft so that the results are good and looks beautiful.
Margarine taste for sauteing dressing potato croquette.
Chicken of approximately 100 grams. Boil until slightly cooked first then coarsely chopped or cut into small cubes small. Can be replaced with minced meat, sausage or corned beef.
Cornstarch by about 1/2 tablespoon. Mixed with water by 1/4 cup and stir stir until blended.
Onions medium size of approximately 1/2 pcs only. Peel the outer skin and chop up finely so that the aroma out.
Garlic is a great medium size of approximately 4 pcs only. Peel the skin and chop until fine too.
Shallots are medium large size of approximately 4 pcs only. Finely chopped red onion until well.
Fresh chives of approximately 2 sticks. Washed and chopped small chopped small.
Fresh sweet corn approximately half the size of the rod only. Comb jagungya eye.
Fresh carrot medium large size of approximately 1 pieces only. Peel the outer skin and cut into small diced.
Nutmeg powder of approximately 0.5 small spoon.
Soy sauce to taste to taste.
Oyster sauce to taste to taste.
Soy sauce to taste to taste.
Sugar to taste or approximately as much as one small scoop.
Pepper to taste more or less according to taste 1/4 as a small spoon.
Liquid milk of approximately 100 ml alone.
Cake Recipe Ingredients Skin Tasty Crispy Potato croquettes
As the name implies, the main ingredient that is required is good quality potatoes of approximately 500 grams. Peel the outer skin and then wash clean so that the sap is gone and chopped box for easy and fast ripe time will be fried later.
Milk powder of approximately 3 tablespoons of course. Can also be replaced with sweetened condensed milk as much as 2-3 tablespoon (omit sugar if you use SKM).
Chicken eggs retrieved yellow part only by 1 point.
Subtle nutmeg to taste as much as 0.5 or less a small spoon.
Pepper to taste more or less according to taste as much as 1 / 2-1 small spoons. Can be eliminated if children really do not like spicy.
Adequately iodized salt according to taste or approximately as much as 2 small spoons.
Easy and convenient way to Make Content croquettes Chicken or Chopped Meat
The first step to make the dough skin kroketnya.
Prepare the skillet to medium heat and fry the potatoes are already dipototong until tender and cooked through. Do not get too charred or dry so that later easily when crushed. Drain and allow to cool before further processing.
After a cold fried potatoes, mashed potatoes until really smooth. Can use the collision of the timber or if you have to use a food processor to make it more quickly.
Take a container and pour the potato that has been refined and enter other leather materials, such as milk powder, fine nutmeg, pepper, sugar, pepper, salt and eggs.
Stir mix all the above ingredients until it is completely blended and there are no lumps. Taste first and add salt if necessary and set aside.
Now we will make stuffing materials croquette potatoes.
Prepare a small skillet over medium heat and let margarine taste.
Insert pieces of onion, white onion and garlic and stir-fry and stir stir stir until fragrant smell marinade.
Put the piece of meat or chicken or minced meat croquette into the pan and stir stir again briefly until all ingredients are well blended and chicken change color.
Put the piece of carrot and sweet corn and stir stir and cook until the chicken and other ingredients cooked.
Pour soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, pepper and nutmeg powder then stir stir briefly so that all the ingredients are well blended.
Pour milk and flour maizenanya their liquid then stir again stir until all ingredients are well blended.
Cook and stir and stir until thickened shrink. Add salt, sugar or other ingredients if it does not fit on the tongue.
The third step makes kroketnya.
Take the dough skin to taste and pipihkan in hand neatly.
Take isianya ingredients to taste (approximately 0.5 to 1 tablespoon) and pour into a hand that contains a mixture of skin.
Cover and shape the dough neatly and then set aside. Repeat until finished.
Take croquette above and dip into beaten egg until evenly then roll in crumb receptacle containing flour until smooth and all parts closed flat.
Prepare a small frying pan over medium heat and let oil to taste.
Enter the above croquettes and fried until cooked and golden browned. Do not forget inverted behind that mature evenly and does not burn.
Repeat until finished then drain. Come here tape soppeng and get more info

Bang Ipul Need Billions Fund for Legal Cases, Pasha said goodbye Of Purple

Many celebrities horrendous news in the past week. Starting from Jessica Iskandar, Glenn Fredly and Aura to Pasha who took leave from Purple.

Moreover, Ahmad Dhani comment about the video circulating kiss Al Ghazali also instantly became the most popular news. Here are the five news celebrity spotlight at the end of April 2016:

Bang Ipul Butuh Dana Miliaran untuk Kasus Hukum, Pasha Pamit Dari Ungu

1. Jessica Iskandar Said About the Video Touch Vital Tool Raffi Ahmad
Some time ago, the world of video entertainment Jessica Iskandar shocked by touching a vital tool Raffi Ahmad. Having previously would not comment, this time Jessica interjected on the video.

He said it was an accident. Not only that explained Jessica, the video is too long but unfortunately now back into the conversation.

“Oh it’s been many years ago, it was five or six years ago when I was there late (Olga Syahputra) and it was not deliberate,” Jessica said when met at the Kuningan area, South Jakarta.

2. Video Kiss Al with Love Supply, Ahmad Dhani: Neutral
Al Ghazali was in the spotlight for video kiss with girlfriend, Alyssa Daguise circulating on the Internet. So what about the video said Ahmad Dhani kisses?

“Regular, first father’s worse. It means that my son son son Ahmad Dhani Ahmad Dhani real not fake,” said Dhani when found in Duren Sawit, South Jakarta, Tuesday (26/04/2016) night.

As a father, Dhani had never forbade his children to dating. According to him, as long as it is within reasonable limits at all a problem.

“It does not prohibit (courting) which is important not to have children first,” said Dhani.

Dhani himself admitted that he already knows the figure of Al lover. Al always tell everything to Dhani including courting trouble. Earlier, Al never getting messages from Maia when the kiss video spread. Maia said that Al had to be careful.

“Mother told me be careful anything in public. Mother this photo messages should not be published,” said Al some time ago.

3. Break up with Aura, Glenn Fredly Fixed Keep Communicating
Aura Kasih Asmara built and Glenn Nava was forced to run aground in the middle of the road. Both are reported to have dropped out since some time ago.

But even so Glenn did not want to do with the sexy woman were damaged. He claimed to keep in touch with Aura.

“There are contacts back in numbers I block my baseball, adult baseball ngeblok really does that,” Glenn said when met at Amaroossa Cosmo Hotel, Antasari, South Jakarta, Wednesday (26/04/2016).

“Still a communication a few days ago really. Communication mediocre,” said Glenn continued.

With so Glenn denied the rumor when he was with the singer ‘Let Love’ is now hostile. Sandra’s ex-husband also claimed that honor Aura.

“Fine hell, as I respect him (Aura) as a woman,” added Glenn.

4. Pasha farewell of Purple
Pasha finally decided to serve the country by becoming the Deputy Mayor of Palu. He also volunteered himself to leave the band who have been catapulted his name, Purple.

Weeping, Adelia Wihelmina husband was saying what he felt for being part of Purple. He felt Purple is the place to be able to be yourself.

“In Purple it, there’s no pretense yes we are real. Because we are from really hard, Purple was of really hard until now we have known for a top band, vocalist renowned, can not be compared with the togetherness me. The price was together with purple the most valuable, “Pasha said as he shed tears when found in the area of ​​Daan, West Jakarta, Thursday (28/04/2016) night.

Although already decided to pull out of the Purple, Pasha did not worry about the sustainability of Purple. According to Pasha, in fact he felt lost.

“I’m not worried, Purple forged remarkable. Purple band’s strongest in Indonesia, 20 years we have not hardly any significant problems. Bands that do not change the personnel yes Purple, when vocalist working in other places they are still waiting for me. My position is not replaced, and purple Insha Allah always anticipated and I will definitely come back, “said Pasha.

“They do not disappear, dibahasakan missing they lose one, I lost four. My daily routine is not the same one. But since we leave even frequent communication. If there is a working visit in fact, I love asking for them where if again in Jakarta,” said Pasha again.

Vacant vocalist position that was made Purple racked his brain to find substitutes Pasha. Until the advent of Enda name and Oncy who was asked to become a vocalist. Purple is required to keep it running without the presence of Pasha. Until the end, they decided to go for a foursome without having to find a replacement Pasha.

5. Saipul Jamil Need Billions Fund for its Legal Cases
Saipul Jamil had to sell his house after being convicted of abuse against children. If counted, Ipul now have to spend billions.

First, about Ipul is still the backbone of the family although now huddled in Cipinang prison. Moreover, there are foster children and boarding schools that should always be considered life.

“Until now done him because Ipul need prayers from them,” said his lawyer, Nazarudin Lubis.

Nazaruddin said, the second thing is about the fee for a team of lawyers. But for him, the case at hand Ipul not politically charged.

“If pure business and professional, his property could not pay us. Officially Rp 10 billion less, but again, it’s a case of friendship,” he said.

He added that his colleagues will also stay with Ipul with maximum struggles. Although ultimately the pedangdut not have the money anymore, it’s not a problem.

“If a professional manner, homes for sale will not be enough,” he said.

In addition, Ipul also have to spend a lot of money-related issues the contract. Some agreements can not be fulfilled so Ipul obliged to pay some money for that damage.

“There are some that must be paid and returned because there are several contracts broken,” said Nazarudin.

Luckily, during the operational Ipul in custody is not too big. “In prison, he was not too much. Kan fasting,” he said.

Inter Milan Fail to Reach Champions League Tickets

Inter Milan certainly fail in the Champions League next season after a 0-2 defeat of Lazio in the 36th week match Serie A at the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday (01/05/2016) early morning or Monday.

Lazio win thanks to goals from Miroslav Klose and penalty Antonio Candreva. The 2-0 victory lifted Lazio position to No. 8 standings with 54 points from 36 games.

As for Inter, stuck in 4th with 64 points. With two games remaining, Inter Milan is not possible to shift the AS Roma (71 points), which is ranked third or last position for the Champions League for next season.

Based on the record Whoscored, Inter actually dominate the game. They are able to lead the control of the ball up to 55.9 percent.

In terms of opportunities, Inter has 15 and Lazio have 9. However, Lazio appeared effective in the final settlement.

Taking the initiative to attack early on, Lazio was able to record a goal in the 8th minute through Klose feet.

He managed to take advantage flat bait Senad Lulic, prior to poke the ball into goalkeeper Samir Handanovic. Hosts 1-0.

Inter get a chance in the 27th minute. Unfortunately, kicking Stevan Jovetic is still capable countered Federico Marchetti.

One minute later, turn Antonio Candreva battered at the Inter net. However, Handanovic performed diligently to dispel the round leather.

The first half ending 1-0 to Lazio.

Start the second 45 minutes, Lazio and Inter turns to attack. However, a lack of creativity makes them rarely get meaningful opportunities.

Inter threatened Lazio goal in the 76th minute through a free kick Ivan Perisic. However, it is still able to be pushed Marchetti.

In the 83rd minute, Lazio awarded a penalty after Jeison Murillo abuse Balde Diao Keita.

Murillo was given a second yellow card. Previously, he had already received a yellow card in the 81st minute. Inter had to play with 10 men.

It was even more bitter for Roberto Mancini’s troops because Candreva duty perfectly. Kick 12 his pass swiftly rattled goalkeeper Handanovic.

Until the long whistle sounded, the score 2-0 to Lazio remain unchanged. (Septian Tambunan)

Lazio 2-0 Inter Milan (Miroslav Klose 8 ‘, Antonio Candreva 84’-pen)

Lazio: 22-Federico Marchetti; 8-Dusan Basta, 13-Milan Bisevac, 18-Santiago Gentiletti, 29-Abdoulay Konko; 19-Senad Lulic, 20-Lucas Biglia (32-Danilo Cataldi 90 ‘+ 3), 23-ogenyi onazi; 11-Miroslav Klose (6-Stefano Mauri 73 ‘), 14-Keita Balde Diao, 87-Antonio Candreva (21-Sergej Milinkovic-Savic 89’)

Coach: Simone Inzaghi

Inter Milan: 1-Samir Handanovic; 24-Jeison Murillo, 25- Joao Miranda, 33-Danilo D’Ambrosio, 55-Yuto Nagatomo (8-Rodrigo Palacio 79 ‘); 7-Geoffrey Kondogbia, 10-Stevan Jovetic (23-Eder 72 ‘), 17-Gary Medel (11-Jonathan Biabiany 56’), 44-Ivan Perisic, 77-Marcelo Brozović; 9-Mauro Icardi

Coach: Roberto Mancini

Referee: Luca Banti

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