2 Type Cancer Many Attacking Children

If you hear of children who have a disease like cancer, it feels sad all. But the facts show that it is indeed the case. There are thousands of children who are currently struggling with the disease in order to maintain their lives.

Cancer Many Attacking Children
Cancer is a disease that occurs due to abnormal cells in the body, dividing wildly and uncontrollably, and make other healthy tissue cells become infected.

The abnormal cells usually spread following the blood and lymph systems in the human body penyakit lupus. These cells are different from normal cells that divide regularly and does not damage other cell network.

Children are generally many who suffer from this type of cancer Leukemia (Blood Cancer) and Retinoblastoma (Retina Eye Cancer). Pediatrician Hematology Oncology of the hospital Darmais dr. Haridini Intan S. Mahdi, SpA explained that 70 percent of people with leukemia were children, the rest adults.

While lower retinoblastoma, which is about 20 percent of patients were children, the rest adults. Trigger cancer of the retina is mostly genetic, added Dr. Haridini.

In Indonesia, the age range of childhood cancers generally begin 3-10 years. The trigger still can not be explained with certainty, or often called multifaktoral or a lot of factors.

Leukemia (blood cancer)
Leukemia is a cancer most common in children, which is about 33 percent of all cancers in children.

The most common type of leukemia is acute lymphocytic leukemia (acute lymphocytic leukemia / ALL) and acute myelogenous leukemia (acute myelogenous leukemia / AML). The symptoms of this lekemia is pale, often fever, bone and joints pain, weakness, bleeding, fever, weight loss and other symptoms.

Cancer of the brain and nervous system
Cancer of the brain and nervous system are the second cancer common in children, which is about 21 percent. Most of the brain cancer that occurs in children involving the brainstem or cerebellum.

At this early stage is usually characterized by frequent headaches, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, dizziness and difficulty walking or holding objects.

Jackfruit seeds Do Discarded, this Efficacy Remarkably

Jackfruit seeds Do Discarded, this Efficacy Remarkably

After eating jackfruit, do not directly seeded yes. Jackfruit seed that looks simple it turned out to save a great benefit. In addition it feels too good, similar to the potato when boiled. It’s just that you need to put a bit of salt to taste becomes more palatable.

Jackfruit seeds
So what exactly are the benefits of jackfruit seeds are often underestimated them? let’s consider the information as reported Boldsky following pages:

Substitute for rice, for diet

If you are intending to diet, try changing your intake of rice with jackfruit seeds. Carbohydrate it contains is lower, organ tubuh manusia but the protein is high enough. This is good for strengthening muscles and also make slim.

Prevent cancer

In jackfruit seed there is the content of phytonutrients, which is known to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body.

A healthy digestive system

Eating boiled jackfruit seeds can help nourish the human digestive system. Why, because there is the content of alkali and acid that works to prevent gastritis. On the other hand, it also prevents constipation because it contains fiber.

Reduce anemia

Anemia or anemia that are often experienced by women could be prevented with more consumption jackfruit seeds. This is because it supports the production of red blood cells in our body, you know.

Well, natural food is simple and tasty that it can provide health benefits, instead. So do not waste jackfruit seeds again yes.

Can Overcome kriput

Antioxidant content in the seed nangkalah were able to overcome and prevent skin kriput and keeping it tight and not sagging.

Can Inhibit Cancer Incidence

Turns jackfruit seeds are also able to cope with and inhibit the occurrence of cancer of the colon as a prebiotic for jackfruit seeds containing oligosaccharides and polysaccharides that can not be digested by digestive enzymes. Jackfruit seeds themselves are able mentimulir pertumbohan lactobacillus that is in our bodies. So jackfruit seeds were able to inhibit the onset of colon cancer.

Now that’s some of the benefits for health boiled jackfruit seeds that we can share. Hopefully this info can provide benefits.

Support to the creation of business structures

Support to the creation of business structuresSupport to the creation of business structures: junior undertaken, pole entrepreneurship…

A very important point for you give the best chances of success: stay not isolated!
Many organizations are at your disposal to welcome you and all training institutions are now aware using students in this area.

Enjoy using a junior enterprise, or of a pole of entrepreneurship
The Government launched in 2010 a great national ‘student Entrepreneurs’ plan to develop the number of structures guiding students towards the creation or resumption of business, such as incubators into schools, businesses juniors or even the ‘poles entrepreneurship’. Large schools offer all, and the facs are also starting to well help you.
You can benefit from a network of alumni, but also to the help of your teachers who can help you in this process. Many incubators of start-ups exist in large schools in commerce or engineering.
To identify the poles of entrepreneurship, consult the database of OPPE (pedagogical practices Observatory in entrepreneurship), accessible here: pace

The “youth information” network of the Ministry of youth and sports, hosted by the CIDJ (Centre for information and documentation jeunesse), provides valuable assistance to your efforts, aid which can also be financial. These associations welcome and free inform young people on subjects that interest them and on entrepreneurship. More info on CIDJ

Local missions their role is to promote professional and social youth under 26 years old. In the field of entrepreneurship, they welcome and orient young holders of a project of creation or resumption of business. Some provide a full accompaniment.
More info on the site of the CNML

The Adie and Pôle emploi launched “CréaJeunes”. It’s a set of support for entrepreneurship for students from 18 to 32 years, from sensitive locations including: adjustable 1-4 months training, accompaniment by professionals, tracked 18 months early, a dip in business and funding opportunities for the creation and expenses related to the preparation of the draft. For more information www.adie.org
Financial aid

Want to act
It is a program that encourages, supports and promotes the spirit of initiative of 11 to 30 year-olds, their creativity, their audacity and their talent in all fields and in particular the entrepreneurship… Short a program made for you!
It includes 2 devices: “Youth projects” and “Challenge-youth”. The support takes the form of advice, support and financial assistance ranging from € 2 000 to € 6,000. More information: www.enviedagir.fr

ACCRE – Helps job seekers creating or taking over an entrepriseCette the Ministry takes the form of a personalized aiming to give you the best chances of success. More info on www.apce.com

Mother of Pearl (new accompaniment for the creation and recovery of business)
This device is also funded by the Department. Amount: from € 1 000 to € 10,000. Duration: 1 to 5 years. More info on www.emploi.gouv.fr/nacre/

Solidarity loans
This is not an aid as such. However, of micro-credit organizations may facilitate the financing of your project (for the assignment of a loan of low amount), if you have difficulty accessing the traditional bank loans… It is therefore a very interesting to know source of funding!

There are many competitions. Feel free to participate. In addition to the blow of financial boost that they provide, they can especially help you get noticed…
The national contest of assistance to the creation of company put in place by the Ministry of higher education and research.
The contest “Innovate together” dedicated to students of higher education: www.innovons-ensemble.com
Want to act – young challenge for 18-30 year-olds: want to act
The ‘students creative’ category of the contest Cré’acc of the pace: CREACC
‘Seeds of boss’ competition organised by M6 and the Senate: seeds of boss

The financial boost of family and relatives
A gift or a participation in the capital can be invaluable in starting a business creation project! This assistance enables investors to obtain tax credits: in addition to help you, they will pay less taxes!
The administrative and legal articles

Administrative, such as legal and accounting, limitations often represents an obstacle to the creation of his company. But these obligations fiscal, accounting and social of the new company are key factors to live at best the first months of activity and to give a maximum of chances of success in the medium term.
Concerning the Statute, two solutions are available to you:
The classic articles: SARL, SAS…
If you create a company repeatedly, with a logic in the long term, it is the most complex form of business but the more reassuring for all: investors, customers, partners…
The system of self-entrepreneurship
Or how to create a business in just a few clicks, you on the internet without even having to move one centimeter… This statute is ultra simple but requires you to be alone in the adventure and limited turnover, which is blocking in the medium term.
Associative status (law 1901)
If your project has no lucrative purpose… it is possible :) You can create an association – law 1901 – just to be at least two and not be designed to enrich you.

You are now equipped with main lines to start your project! Entrepreneurship is a superb adventure, which can certainly fail, but in all cases you will exit grandi with experience with strong added value on your CV.
One last tip: don’t leave your studies continue to go underway because your CV, particularly in France, needs references as graduates!

Student entrepreneur: looking for more employment, create it!

Student entrepreneur looking for more employment, create it!The steps to success the creation of your business while being student many aid exist: enjoy!
Look no further CDI at the end of your studies… Create your business! In the absence of experience, students have a lot of ideas… But few of you taking action! Entrepreneurship is often considered to small business articles be complex, but if you find the right idea and if you take advantage of the many structures of aid dedicated to student business, it‘s easier.
Entrepreneurship will allow you to create your job, but this initiative also allows you to put directly into practice what you have learned during your years of studies: marketing, management, accounting, management, or of the business as a florist and hairdresser…
Even with a good idea, the creation of business when you are student is often a difficult project because you are missing the experience and network. Here are our tips to help build you a minimum of experience and to show you that many structures exist for you support.
Start your project during your studies.
Start your project early during your studies, no later than in the last year. Don’t wait to completing your studies to launch your project: aid financial and structures are at your disposal during your studies to surround and advise you to launch your business during your studies, because once they completed, aid is less obvious.
The strength of the student entrepreneur status
Your young age and low work experience must be compensated by the seriousness with which you will prepare your business project. Indeed, it is often difficult to be credible in the eyes of suppliers, competitors, or bankers when it is young. You need to “wowing” your contacts by your professionalism, your ideas, your will, your energy and your eye nine, who are your best assets in business creation.
Investors, partners who evaluate the viability of a company, evaluate as much economic potential as the personality that bears the project.
Discover also the 6 advantages of the new student contractor status
Find the right idea and validate a Business Plan
Have a good knowledge of supply and demand of a market, or find information estimating the turnover is essential to start its box, but the initial idea will make a difference! Before start you you have to think, order your ideas, it means you ask the right questions at each step, to begin drafting your business plan.
This document will be very useful when you present your project to your interlocutors: advisors, bankers, accountants, investors (parents?)
You have no precise idea of activity to create? Many sites offer to guide you in searching for idea, as for example the site of pace www.apce.com. You can also decide to take over an existing business
Cultivate a good network
Collect tips, meet other young entrepreneurs, Exchange on your project, it is essentialYoung entrepreneurs networks can enable you to help you in your efforts, as to build your Business Plan, know of investors, prospective customers, but also get sponsorships of more famous people, which attest to the seriousness of your project on the market.
Build your network with the help of your teachers by discussing with them to your project, but also with your former officials of internships, or on the internet with sites such as:
The young entrepreneurs network: www.lance-toi.com
The association of young entrepreneurs in Lyon: www.ajel.org
Meetings dedicated to student business of Tom Thumb: www.petitpoucet.fr
RETIs, the network that promotes innovation, place of meeting and exchange for young entrepreneurs: www.retis-innovation.fr
Other traditional networks exist, such as for example Chambers of trades and crafts or the Chambers of commerce and industry (according to the chosen activity), generalist or specialized fairs or entrepreneurship competitions to embark or getting noticed. This is a golden opportunity to develop your network, even if you don’t win.

“I created my home travel agency”

I created my home travel agencyAurélie Delaporte, former consultant with travel Masson, starts his home travel agency. From the top of its 26 years, Aurélie Delaporte is not cold in the eyes: crisis or not, it‘s still scary to create his company.” But I‘m very ambitious.”
With BTS VPT training and five years of experience as a travel at travels Masson in Amiens (80), Aurélie jumped the entrepreneurship following a redundancy No. “I had long wanted to bring me to running a small business my account. Five people had to leave. This was therefore an opportunity to ask me what I really wanted to”, she explains. “I have not yet dependent child, I have a very good personal support for the hard times. I could bounce back if it does not work”.
Have a local was too heavy a burden. Aurélie has decided to mount a travel agency at home at Hallencourt (80), a concept that tends to develop. Twim Travel, for example, is a network of some 60 trips to home agents. Aurélie could not apply to Twim, requiring experienced agents, with ten years of experience. “And my approach, it is to be alone in the adventure”, she says.
Alone, but within TourCom
Aurélie still chose to join TourCom, “which has advantages: it works with referenced vendors ranging from 12 to 15% by the commission rate, and it has a payment Central.” I can have the opinion of TourCom on a supplier, whether it is faulty. It is a guarantee for the client. It does not prevent me from selling my own vendors, but it will be under my responsibility.” Our young entrepreneur also explains that suppliers may have trouble trusting a young entrepreneur who doesn’t yet to seniority. “I‘m in a network while keeping my freedom”.
Aurélie has start in 15 days. A showcase site is underway, douceur.voyages.fr. It is currently awaiting its flyers and its cards to initiate its phase of “door-to-door” in beautiful neighborhoods of Amiens. Smooth travel target the CSP +, seniors, and getting on top of range. It will solicit merchants and works councils. “I‘ll create a Facebook page too”. And of course, she will go and see his friends to start mouth to ear. Aurélie has developed over time from the specialties in terms of destinations such as Mauritius, Egypt or even the United States.
My first 4 steps to start
(1) “I followed a two-month training on entrepreneurship supported by Pôle emploi. I followed all the courses, and not some add-ons do not forget, all the steps (accounting, study of contracts, liquidation,…).
(2) the APST calls 7 500 euros of capital, which led me to seek funding. The Caisse d’Epargne has a service platform for entrepreneurs, route trust, which offers a Bank support in partnership with associations and local communities. The rate of commissioning is less than other banks I had found. In addition, they follow you for two years, with an appointment every three months. I took a loan of 8 000 euros with a rate of commissioning of 3.5%, instead of 4.5%. I also applied a mother-of-Pearl loan (rate loan zero State).
(3) register for asset France, to documents of the APST, professional liability insurance and 100 euros for registration.
(4) I made an appointment for my membership at TourCom and I presented them my business plan, my CV and a motivation letter. I had a positive response last week”.

Best protect themselves as founder in the independence

Best protect themselves as founder in the independenceBest protect themselves as founder in the independence
Keck by Stefan who would sometimes hate his own boss? Many thousand citizens put into the Act every year these thoughts and take the step towards independence. Follow a statistics of the Federal Ministry of Economics approximately 306,000 founder in the full and 562.000 founder in sideline become self-employed themselves in Germany and this figure is for years at a constant level. But before recording a self-sufficiency, it is important to note a lot.
We have some tips for you, like founder can best protect themselves. Keep track of possible risks you should not underestimate the organizational effort, comes to at the beginning of you. The step towards independence requires courage and commitment. The entrepreneurial risk should keep clearly predictable that way. This is true for the business plan, which remains stuck realistic targets for sales and profits, as well as for the financing of the new company, which should be on a solid footing, as well as the personal protection of the self-employed person. Need this insurance founder what happens for example when you fall out due to a lengthy illness or will even berufsunfähig? Private pension plans, but also the hedging of risks in the event of occupational disability is especially important for self-employed persons and founders. Good to know: the basic coverage of disability insurance is usually available for small amounts. Community life offers you a quick, easy and transparent insurance here. For you as an independent disability insurance should to be part of the basic protection, because the legal protection in the event of occupational disability, the so-called disability pension, attacks only under very specific conditions. Insurance conveniently on the Internet complete the general disability pension received only persons who can exercise any gainful employment. The amount of the disability pension will not be enough usually, to keep the existing standard of living. Prevention pays: the benefits of disability insurance can close this gap. You can adjust easily and quickly offer, application and conclusion via the Internet, finally lacks just founders often on time. An additional benefit of community life is the fixed price over the full term. The existing insurance coverage check if you‘ve completed already a disability insurance and you want to become self-employed, if you look closely, what conditions exist.
It is important to know whether the insurer of the change from the permanent position in the independence must be informed. You can read that in the particular conditions of insurance. Also, you should check whether your existing insurance coverage is sufficient and if necessary make use of the insurance guarantee. In community life, no reconsideration of health is required in this case. Also at a risk life insurance thinking about you and knowing your loved ones well insured, it is useful to complete a risk life insurance. This insurance is especially important when several people together to start a new company. So, you can secure the continued existence of your company, if one of the owners died. In most cases, banks require this insurance anyway if they founder or entrepreneur with a credit support. Another advantage of risk life insurance: In case of emergency, even your family is financially supplied. Founder and Managing Director of community life. Stefan is through and through distributors. For 25 years he has controlled the sales of German and international insurance companies in senior management positions. His conviction: “insurance can be easy.” This is the core idea of community life…

Consultants or coach

consultants or coach# MINDNODE
This Mind Mapping application is one of the applications I use most. It allows you to map your ideas very simply and very intuitively. Mind Mapping, or mind map (from the Greek Eureka “I found!”), is the more accurate representation of how the brain works: nonlinear way, by association of ideas, based simultaneously on Visual and semantic memory. The advantage of Mind Node, small business in addition to its sleek design to the Apple that I like very much, it is the speed with which the app opens, allowing you to take notes on the fly, that you are going or conference, to then reorder them. Just to know 2 keys to be able to fully serve you: the key «Enter» (post) and the “Tab key (create a new branch). That’s it!
> How I use it:
I speak here or there, so I will not elaborate, but I use it as much for writing a book that prepare an interview or mapping all elements (ecosystem, contacts, ideas…) of such company or startup. Very convenient to simply manage a complex project.
# DROPBOXDropbox_Logo
Dropbox is a service of storage of your info online, very practical and very intuitive to use. I love the fact that the backup of files is as simple as a “drag and drop” in a folder, as if it were a local folder on your computer. When you come to spend hours writing an important text, it is reassuring to see the small Dropbox icon fussing for indicate you that your text is well saved, both on your computer but also online
> How I use it:
Having an annoying tendency to spill coffee on my computer, Dropbox allows me to keep an open mind: I save all my important files directly to a folder parent Dropbox. Thus, if unfortunately I broke out my computer or make me fly, I have a copy of all my files in the Cloud.
# Clicrdvtelechargement
It was after having talked to my father (doctor) and saw my Physio constantly interrupted by telephone calls that I discovered the value of a catch of RDV online tool. When I take appointment with my banker or a doctor, now I go systematically through this type of interface, and the gain of time for all the world, me included, is undeniable. Some of you here are independent; they are in the medical or paramedical, consultants or coach, all have one thing in common: these are their appointment that generate their turnover. However, we lose (all) a crazy to find time then set dates of appointments, to modify, to forget them, etc... There is a foultitude of tools of catch of RDV online, but history to encourage our tricolour businesses, I prefer to present you ClicRDV; In addition, they have a small OWL video presentation. Small clever bonus: you can embed a button “make an appointment” directly next to your company name in the Yellow Pages.
Wunderlist_logoWunderlist is simply magical. Like ToDo Pro introduced above, the principle is to organize your lists of tasks by context. ToDo Pro advantages: the sleek design, the synchronization between the laptop and the computer available in free version, and especially, especially, the small its nice super which is emitted whenever you check the small box to indicate that a task is performed. It is addictive! It happens to me even to create a new task while I just finish it, simply to have fun to tick the box and hear the small sound. There must be the Pavlov under there

Best business and productivity applications

Best business and productivity applicationsWhat are the best apps to be more effective, work better and work less?


Whether you are contractor, employee or student, please find below a list (updated regularly) of applications which, small business once installed, become you everything simply indispensable. Small clarification: no, I don’t own shares in companies that publish these tools (and I very much regret).


logo evernote


EverNote allows you to capture information (web page, photo, text, image, video, sound…) with a click, categorize it and store it in thematic notebooks stored on the Cloud, to which you have access via any terminal (computer, smartphone, Tablet). Subclassing by a system of labels allows you more precision in the Organization of this information. To really use, it is imperative to install the webclipper of Evernote in your internet browser.


> How I use it:


To note ideas in bulk, to capture thematic information in dedicated books (business, blogging, conferences, etc.), record an interview, share a book with others… Of course, I wrote my two books by creating a book dedicated to each, in which I capturais everything I found interesting.




This small simple and unknown application will save you more than one times the bet! Install it without even hesitating. Is it already happened to copy – paste a text, and then, without consent, to remake a copy – paste of another text and to realize with horror that you just completely lose the first text? Jumpcut allows you to store all your copy-and – paste, and display them in a list, to be able to find them even after doing several times CTRL + C and CTRL + V… Finished the crisis of nerves because you just lose 15 lines of comments or a paragraph of unique text! This application is not obvious to find, here is therefore the link to make you save time: download Jumpcut.


TodoPro by AppigoTo Do Pro allows you to view your To Do Lists in notebooks thematic, here called “contexts”. I found it particularly interesting insofar as it has all generally several “contexts” in which insert our To Do Lists: work, personal, home, holidays, projects… The benefit here is that this application allows you to not only see your To Do List but also to have an aidemémoire to do not forget anything. For example, if create you the task ‘Declare income’, it will be displayed as long as you will not checked it, in which case it will switch to the status of “Fact”, which is still satisfactory. This also allows you to see what you have done of your day (productive or not!). To download the application, follow this link.


> How I use it:


I simply created a context for business I created, for projects on which I work for staff, for conferences.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Entrepreneurship and innovation United States has been a leader in entrepreneurship and innovation, which are the engines of our economy. To continue this tradition of leadership and growth, Bernie has supported increased access to education, reform of intellectual property regimes and defend openness and neutrality of the Internet.
Our business depends on highquality and accessible education.


Businesses require an educated workforce to adapt to the future needs of the market, and Bernie supports several measures that help improve access to education. Check the record of Bernie in proposed policies to increase access to education here.
The current patent system is in need of reform.


Businesses depend on the United States patent system to protect their innovations and to avoid that they are copied by competitors, but this system is being abused in various ways by large corporations. Bernie recognizes that in some industries, the way that the patent system is structured has the effect of stifling innovation, and in the case of the pharmaceutical industry, he has proposed a solution to this problem.
What‘s wrong with the patent system?


Since patents too obtuse, companies that do more than collect patents for purposes of litigation, to long legal battles, to excessively long terms, the patent system is fraught with problems that negatively impact many businesses.
Can you give me an example?


In the pharmaceutical industry, much of the expenditure of research done by private companies is going to try to make drugs similar to those already patented, rather than discovering new medicines and treatments.


An article from the World Health Organization (who) describes these drugs similar to the already patented, as “likely low value” to the public due to they actually sabotage the intention of patent protection, without even providing much benefit in price competition.
Has Bernie proposed some reform in this regard?


Bernie has developed proposals for law designed to reform the patent dual form, reducing the price of medicines and encouraging the pharmaceutical industry to focus on innovation instead of the production of drugs similar to the already patented.


In 2005 and 2007, Bernie proposed legislation that would have allowed the immediate manufacture of generic versions of new drugs to meet the demand for affordable way, and at the same time introducing a prize fund to reward pharmaceutical innovation. In 2012, Bernie proposed a similar Bill that focused specifically on AIDS treatments


(For other actions that Bernie has taken towards the reduction in the cost of drugs, visit health: manufacturers of drugs.)

Supporting small business

supporting small businessBernie believes that small businesses are essential so that the United States economy to thrive. To be successful, small businesses should have access to low interest loans and other forms of support. With this in mind, Bernie has supported and helped enact legislative pieces dedicated to the growth of small businesses.

Why should we provide low interest loans and other incentives to small businesses?
Small businesses borrow to improve and grow your business. The low interest rates on these loans help greatly best small business companies can pay them quickly while maintaining a good flow of cash, expanding the local economy as a whole and creating more jobs.
Why not is sufficient loans available for small businesses there?
When Glass-Steagall was eliminated under President Bill Clinton, the wall of separation between commercial banking and investment banking was collapsed. Local banks began more and more to like investing in the stock market and speculative operations of Wall Street and became less likely to make loans of low interest rates to small businesses. This resulted in the financial crisis of 2008. Learn more about the Glass-Steagall Act, as well as the reason why Bernie wants to restore it, the page on financial regulation.
How can he has acted Bernie to support small businesses?
In the midst of very difficult recession in which we find, help small businesses get credit is imperative.”Bernie, October 2010
In its Plan of six points to limit Wall Street, Bernie fought for laws that give small businesses loans of low interest at the same rate that the offered by the Federal Reserve to foreign banks. Once small businesses have access to the same interest rates as foreign banks to finance its own growth, there will be more incentives for investors put their money in small local businesses, and not so much incentive to invest in foreign banks. The result would be the growth of the domestic economy rather than divert investments to foreign countries with little incentive to reinvest that money in United States.
In addition, Bernie helped pass the jobs law for the small company, which provided loans of low interest rates to small businesses and supported small community banks that issued such loans. The legislation also provided $12 billion to the length and breadth of the country in tax cuts to small businesses during the worst of the economic crisis in 2010 and nearly $30 billion additional capital for small businesses.
And what happens with big business? What is the position of Bernie on big companies?
He has many positions, as you might imagine, all aimed at ensuring that large companies will prosper, but not at the expense of small businesses, the environment, our democracy, and the American people. Check out corporate regulation page to learn more about their positions in relation to corporations to learn more about the influence of money in politics here.